Upland Brewing Co – Midwest Sour + Wild + Funk Fest

Where: Indianapolis’ City Market
When: May 16, 2015 2:00-6:00 PM
Tickets: $20 Designated Driver, $45 General Admission, $75 VIP (plus applicable fees)

The date has been set for the Upland Brewing Co Midwest Sour + Wild + Fun Fest. These events have proven to offer some tasty rarities in the past years.

Last year’s tasting featured sour ales from 25 breweries across the country. Knowing Upland and the Indiana beer fans this year will be even bigger.

Click through the link below for more information, tickets, and some video footage from last years festival! Midwest Sour + Wild + Funk Fest ‹ Upland.

Table of organic compounds and their smells

Ever pop the top on a bottle of homebrew and catch a whiff of something familiar? With this handy chart you may just be able to pinpoint that aroma based on the organic compound that causes it. Let’s just hope you never end up with a Hexanoic Acid smell in your brew.



As an added bonus, here is a chart that shows some of the common esters in homebrew!



Wynkoops Bull Testicle Beer To Be Sold In Two-Packs Nationwide, All Year Round

When a beer is made with real bull testicles there is really only one way to sell it: in pairs.Thats just what Denvers very own Wynkoop Brewing Company is planning with the launch of its signature Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout which will soon be available in two-pack cans in Denver and available nationwide via Internet craft beer retailer BeerJobber.com

via Wynkoops Bull Testicle Beer To Be Sold In Two-Packs Nationwide, All Year Round.

Brewers Almanac – Beer facts by state

Active Brewer Permits - Indiana vs US Average


BeerInstitute.org maintains some pretty cool data about beer production and distribution, state-by-state, on an annual basis. Check out the Brewers Almanac to see how your state stacks up in number of breweries, beer production, consumption and much more! As you can see from the chart I made above, the number of active brewing permits in Indiana has outnumbered the U.S. national average! Go Indy!