The TapIt Cap

TapIt Cap Image

Robert Scott of Denver, Colorado has created something great for craft beer lovers. Have you ever wondered what the shelf life of beer in a growler is? Once your growler has been opened, you can pretty much expect your beer to start losing carbonation similar to that of a 2-liter bottle of pop. Using the TapIt Cap you are literally converting your growler into a mini keg system that preserves your beer from oxidation, but also maintains pressure for perfect pours every time. Great idea! These would be great for 1 gallon growlers as well as 1/2 gallon growlers. If you are interested in supporting this idea, stop by Robert’s Kickstarter page and show the TapIt Cap some love. You can also follow the TapIt Cap on Twitter. This will be an interesting product to watch in the months to come. Best of luck to these guys!


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