War of the Wheats!

War of the Wheats has begun! BIMP’s next blind tasting will be on May 26th at 5pm. Here are the details. First and foremost, we are accepting all wheat styles. This means American Pale Wheat Ales, Belgian/French Style Witbiers, and German Weissbiers (Berliner Weissbier, Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, etc). I’m also happy to announce that this month’s tasting will also feature several homebrew submissions! As always, the first 15 submissions through the Request a Brew portal will be accepted into the event. The floodgates are open. Good Luck!

Bell’s Oberon (Sample) – Erik Howell
Three Floyd’s Gumballhead – Dan Sandman
Upland Wheat – Amanda Jackson
F@ck Your Face Mango Wheat – Dustin Edwards
Super Cuke Bavarian Cucumber Wheat – Erik Howell
Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat – Matt Kennedy
Triton Fieldhouse Wheat – Lance Sanchez
Evil Charlie’s Dog Drool – Kyle Alder
Barley Island Flat Top Wheat – Stef Korros
North Coast Brewing Blue Star Wheat – Michael Mustin
Oaken Barrel Razz-Wheat – Isaac Wagner
Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat – Zac Jackson
Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered wheat – Brian
Sun King Firefly Wheat – Gary Dozier


7 thoughts on “War of the Wheats!

  1. I bought that “In Heat Wheat” once. I enjoyed it, but Amanda said “It tastes like hot-dogs!” Excited to see if the hot-dog analogy comes up during the tasting.

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